SPC Basics: 

A Segregated Portfolio Company ("SPC") is a cellular corporate structure, where segregated portfolios (of which the assets and liabilities housed within that particular cell is ringfenced from other cells) can be formed on a rapid basis. 

Naming Conventions:

Segregated Portfolios ("SPs") are required to be specifically identifiable, so that assets (and liabilities) are assigned to the particular SP and not accorded to the general assets of the Segregated Portfolio Company. 

Naming Examples:

An example of the way the naming works, in regards to Segregated Portfolios of Segregated Portfolio Companies, is as follows: 

  • Official name as referred to in documentation and accounts:  Global Ventures SPC acting solely for the account of PropTech UK SP

  • Name of SPC: Global Ventures SPC

  • Name of SP: PropTech UK SP

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