Vauban offers a new fund administration product, called NAV Lite, which modernises the NAV calculation process. 

Traditional NAV calculation entails the booking of all trades (be it equities, bonds, crypto trades or even crypto futures), security valuation, reconciliation of all trades by security across each exchange, expense calculation and holding current authorised signatory lists of investors. NAV Lite automates the process by changing the way the trades are captured. Rather than reconciling every single trade, Vauban offers the flexibility of capturing the final balance of all securities across each exchange simplifying  this way the reconciliation process. The NAV calculation under NAV Lite is accurate and impeccable as all balances used reflect the final balances of each exchange.

Recognising the large scalability that this product offers, Vauban gives a discount of 40% to all clients that sign up on this product.

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