As a sponsor, you are able to access all documents via the Legal tab on the Vauban dashboard. Your investors will only be able to view the documents that concern them via this same tab.

There are a number of ways you can share documents with your investors:

a) if an investor is required to sign a document, they will receive a link from Vauban inviting them to review and sign;

b) you can export your documents to PDF and send as an attachment to an email;

c) you can send a link to investors.

The process to send a link to investors is as follows:

1) Save a copy of the finalised document;

2) On the Set-up tab - on the Back Office section, make sure 'Allow dataroom on signup' is selected;

3) On the Legal - Documents tab make sure the Dataroom Folder is selected and then upload the final copy of the document;

4) Make sure "Investors" is selected on the Visibility button;

5) On the Investors tab, select 'Share' and select the appropriate Investor;

6) Share link with the investor.

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