Most of the documents generated on the Vauban dashboard will only require the signature of the parties involved, however there are some cases where the signatory must sign the document in the presence of a witness.

We've made this as easy as we could, here's how:

1. Sign the document

First thing is to sign the document yourself, as a signatory.

2. Invite your witness

After signing, you will be prompted to insert your witness's full name, occupation, and residential address. Submit the form, a link appears.

3. Share the link

- If your witness is in the same room, simply click the "Open in new tab" button.

- If your witness watched you sign during a video conference, click on the "Copy to clipboard" button, and paste them the link in your video call.

- Your witness will also receive a link by email, allowing them to digitally sign as a witness.

4. Your witness signs

Opening the link displays a form to your witness. It is similar to the one you previously filled, allowing your witness to fill any missing data or fix any typo in their details. They then sign in the appropriate field.

Who can be your witness?

Legally, the witness is meant to:

a) physically or virtually see the signatory sign the document,

b) not be an 'interested party' to the transaction, and

c) ideally, not be a family member.

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