A user account is the account you log in with to the Vauban dashboard. It represents you as a person and is associated with your email address. It contains your full name, which is the name that will appear on any document you sign digitally via the dashboard.

You can only have 1 user account.

An onboarding application is where you provide Vauban with the required Know-Your-Customer information. You are asked details on your identity, address, and source of funds. An onboarding application is automatically created when you receive the invitation to the dashboard.

  1. If you invest as a natural person, you need to submit one onboarding application.

  2. If you invest through a corporate entity, you need to submit onboarding applications for the entity, each director and each shareholder. You can edit and submit all these applications via your main user account or you can invite other user accounts to fill out their onboarding application by themselves.

Once your onboarding is approved, you can invest in any deals or funds on the Vauban dashboard without having to re-enter the information again.

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