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How do I set-up my investing Account?
How do I set-up my investing Account?

Completing KYC

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After you have received an email from Vauban and created your user account (with email and password), you will be lead to the homepage.

Here you can review the information about the deal and confirm that you are investing, with the correct amount, and the investing account (personal or entity) of your choice

You can do this by choosing 'Invest' at the top right and entering some initial details

After choosing your amount you can start the KYC by pressing 'Get started'

On the right hand side you can see each section that will need to be filled as you go along

the items with a red star * next to them are necessary for the completion of the application

At any moment if you need to stop your application you can click Save and the top

This allows you to return at a later time to complete the application. It will also save automatically as you complete the steps.

After completing all information, you can fill out the Declaration page and press 'Complete'

If you have missed any information you will be notified in RED what pages are missing what information

Each unfilled/incomplete section will be highlighted in red until filled out

After you successfully click complete, the Vauban Compliance team will review your account.

You will be notified if your account is accepted, or if further information is needed via email.

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