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How do I check my Investor status?
How do I check my Investor status?
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To check the investor status, follow these instructions:

  • select Investors on the left of the page;

  • the status can be seen under the Progress tab.

There are 7 possible steps:

Invite sent - the investor has been sent an email inviting them to the Dashboard. To accept the invitation, they will have to create a User profile by providing their name and password.

Awaiting investment confirmation - the investor has access to the Home page. They will have to create the investment Account by confirming the entity, the amount and currency of the investment.

Awaiting KYC information - the investor is in the process of filling out the compliance questionnaire for the relevant Account.

Awaiting Compliance Check - the compliance questionnaire has been filled and is awaiting compliance checks which take between 24 and 48 hours depending on the complexity of the Account. If rejected, an email will be sent to the investor describing what needs to be rectified, and the status will be reverted back to the previous step.

Awaiting Signature - the admission documents have been sent via email and are awaiting signature.

Pending Payment โ€“ either the bank account is in the final stages of being opened or the payment instructions have been sent to the investor and the payment is pending.

Complete - the investment process has been completed and the investment has been moved to the Cap Table.

The investor can be reminded to complete a step by clicking on the Reminder button.

The investor list can be filtered by clicking on Filters on the top left of the page.

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