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What documents do I need to complete KYC?
What documents do I need to complete KYC?
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The documents needed to complete a KYC application will vary depending on if you’re completing your investor application as an individual or an entity.

As an individual, the documents you will need to provide are the following: ID, Proof of Address (dated in the last 3 months) and a Source of Funds. As well as these documents, you will be asked to provide some personal information.

Here are some example documents for each:

  1. Photo ID:

    1. Passport

    2. Photocard Driving Licence

    3. ID card

  2. Proof of address:

    1. Utility bill (dated within the past 3 months - please note that mobile phone bills are not accepted)

    2. Bank statement (dated within the past 3 months)

    3. Letter from Government or your local authority (dated within the current financial year)

    4. Tenancy agreement (not from a private landlord and must be dated within the past 12 months)

    5. Home Insurance (dated within the past 12 months)

  3. Source of Funds (if required):

    1. Salary: Recent pay slip (e.g., May 2023 pay slip).

    2. Savings: Savings account statement (e.g., June 2023 statement).

    3. Investments: Contract note for sale of financial instrument(s) (e.g., XYZ stock sale contract).

    4. Property: Property sale contract (e.g., ABC property sale contract).

    5. Loan: Loan agreement (e.g., Loan agreement dated January 2023).

    6. Sale of Company or Shares: Audited financial statements of the company (e.g., XYZ Inc. audited financial statements).

    7. Inheritance (Will): Information about deceased individual and receipt of assets (e.g., John Doe's death certificate and inheritance receipt).

    8. Gift: Information about gift from donor to beneficiary

    9. Litigation or Divorce Settlement: Recent pay slip(s) (e.g., April 2023 pay slip) and information/documentation about the case (e.g., Divorce settlement agreement dated March 15, 2023).

    10. Include full name/entity name, total amount, and date of money received for all documents.

As an entity you will need to provide the documents related to the entity incorporation (such as Certificate of Incorporation, a copy of the Register of Directors and the Register of Shareholders, a copy of the Constitutional Documents), a Proof of Address, a Source of Funds as well as complete the application for any UBO or Director.

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