What is a Cap Table Vehicle?

Can the Cap Table Vehicle work for you?

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A CTV (short for Cap Table Vehicle) is a syndicate vehicle that allows founders to streamline their fundraising collect smaller fundraising checks into one line item on their captable, with no minumum ticket size. See the following details to understand more about what the CTV can't invest into.

CTVs are often used for friends & family rounds, bridge rounds, and earlier fundraise rounds (typically Seed, Pre-Seed, and Series A). The SPV is also a great product to help clean up a Founder's cap tables. Please note, the CTV does not allow for Roll Ups.

Structured as a Delaware Limited Partnership with Protected Series of Vauban Platform Master LP, the CTV mimics our US Syndicate SPV structure with the exception of no Lead Partners. To find further information about what legal documents govern the SPV, please see here.

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