1. You submit the setup form on Vauban. This involves sharing the company's legal name, the round terms and the fundraising deck

  2. Vauban (via its General Partner) reviews the submission and performs some checks on the company and the round

  3. Vauban signs the CTV LPA which means you can start inviting your investors

  4. Investors log in (or create an account if they are new to the platform) and confirm how much they are going to invest

  5. Investors sign a subscription agreement

  6. Investors complete and submit their KYC application (including personal information, ID, tax ID number)

  7. Investors send their monies to the CTV's dedicated bank account

  8. You supply the fundraising documents to Vauban, e.g. SAFE or Share Purchase Agreement and Vauban's GP will sign

  9. When all the funds are received, Vauban will do a call back with you and then send the funds on to your company

  10. Your investors will be notified that the investment is complete and the deal is closed

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