LP Performance reporting
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Funds usually send reports to each Limited Partner in which they describe that partner’s position and share of the fund. This is done periodically, typically once a quarter and is the main avenue of informing investors on how the fund is doing. The capital account is sometimes accompanied by qualitative information on the portfolio companies and the activities of the investment manager.

The capital accounts typically include a starting value of the investment of the limited partner, to which their share of the fund’s profit or loss for the period is added. This is then adjusted for the management fees and profit reallocation in order to end up with the final value of the capital account. Below is an example:

Vauban can:

  • provide financial reports to the General Partner each quarter, including any performance metrics (they will be displayed on the dashboard and can be made visible to investors)

  • provide investors with information on their individual capital accounts

  • customise reports depending on preference

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