Permitted Assure SPV types:

Currently, Vauban can migrate vehicles that were set up using the Assure Labs and Assure Standard/Venture SPV variants, where Assure or you acted as the manager.

Non permitted Assure SPV types:

Vauban can't accommodate standalone LPs or LLCs at the moment (ie non series SPVs without a Master)

Permitted asset types:

The Migrate product is only suitable for SPVs that have invested in a private company that is :

  • a single asset, venture-style deal

  • holds an equity or SAFE

  • a c-corporation or similar, non flow-through entity

Non permitted asset types:

If your SPV has invested in one of the below, unfortunately, Vauban can not accommodate it:

  • Convertible Loan Note

  • fund of fund

  • LLC or other flow-through entity types (where income passes up to the SPV)

  • multiple-assets

  • crypto tokens

  • Real estate

Carta can accommodate all of these Assure SPVs and asset types, however, there is a different annual pricing structure.

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