Why does Vauban need your data?

  • In order to migrate your SPV, Vauban requires documentation for your SPV and your investors.

  • Vauban needs to perform due diligence on these doucments and compare against the the data you have inserted on our platform, in order to accurately handle your tax reporting, future distributions, and fulfil Vauban's KYC obligations.

What if you're missing data?

  • Assure should have provided you with a Box folder containing all of the information for your SPV and investors.

  • If any of the data is missing, Vauban will try to assist you to collect the information where possible.

    • Vauban has been given access to Assure's Glassboard, where we can check for your SPVs documentation.

    • Vauban has a partnership with Grasshopper bank so may be able to get bank statements from your bank account.

    • Investors may need to re-sign subscription documents if missing.

    • You may need to ask the Target Company for your SPV's stock certificate of proof or wire receipt, so Vauban can evidence the full

SPV Documentation

  • LLC Operating Agreement - for your Series LLC SPV or standalone LLC

  • Master LLC Operating Agreement - only if you have used Assure Standard and have your own Assure Master Series LLC

  • Private Placement Memorandum

  • EIN Letter or at least your EIN Number

  • Previous tax return docs (1065+K1s) if available

  • Executed transaction documents between the SPV and the target company; SPA, SAFE, etc.

  • Executed subscription documents for each investor, and any side letter agreements.

    • Else, Vauban requires the list of investors and the amounts invested, and details of any bespoke arrangements.

  • Full set of bank statements or general ledger if available, else evidence of proof of wire to the target company and investors' transactions.

  • Invoices for any 3rd party payments borne out of the SPV, e.g. to lawyers

Investor Documentation

Vauban will need to conduct a high level screening on investors before your SPV is migrated. Either you can provide this info, if you have it to hand, or you can invite your investors to Vauban and they can provide it. See how HERE. Investors

will be able to use this account to invest in future SPVs, so they don't need to complete the info twice!

Individual (natural person)

  • Legal full name

  • Email

  • Date of birth

  • Mailing Address

  • Tax redisency

  • SSN Number - or passport number if non US investor


  • Name of Legal Entity/Trust

  • Certificate of incorporation

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