Price per vehicle:

  • $4,950 per SPV

    • 1st payment taken up front

    • payable over three years and invoiced annually

Additional fees:

  • $3000 - Franchise Tax Fee

    • If you have your own Master Series (for Assure Standard users) this covers disbursements (annual state franchise tax and registered agent fees).

    • This is charged once, for your master, for example, if you have 10 SPVs under your master, this fee will be paid once.

  • $2,500 - Exit Fee

    • In case of distribution or exit event (per exit) and pro rated.

  • $950 - Transfer of Interest

    • If you want to transfer any interests, e.g. swap an investor or carry receiver,

Volume based pricing

  • A 3% discount will be applied for every 10 SPVs, migrated capped at 30%.

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