After you complete the first two steps of the set-up wizard, where you tell us more about your SPV’s Constitution and the target company your SPV invested into, the next step is to onboard your investors.

There are a couple of ways you can do this, depending if you want your investors to submit their own info, or if you have their info and prefer to do it.

1. Bulk upload your investors' information:

  • We have built this feature specifically for our migration product, so that you can upload all the details we need from your investors by yourself, without needing to request info from your investors.

  • You will be able to download a excel template, fill it in for all your investors and upload it back into the dashboard.

  • When you do so, Vauban will do an automated check and in most of the cases, we will auto-approve your investors without them having to do anything.

The information needed for this export per investor is:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Address

  • Individual or entity

  • SSN or TIN

  • Tax residency

  • Equity type - Sponsor (you), Carry partner or Investor (LP)

  • Investment amount

  • Does this investor have custom carry % - if yes, what is the carry

In the case where the investor is an entity, the basic info listed above won’t be sufficient and they will have to log in and add more information (see the next step around how you can invite them using the Shareable link).

2. Add your investors via email

  • On the investors tab, you can add the emails and commitments of your investors:

  • Exit out of the 'import investors' window, and then click the 'add investors' button

  • Add all your investors in a row as below, then hit the 'invite' button:

  • Your investors won't receive an email just yet, we have disabled the notification, so that it can be enabled once you've added all your investors to all of your SPVs.

  • There is also an option to invite them via a sharable link (in the second tab of the screenshot above)

Notifying investors:

  • After you have added the emails of all your investors to all your SPVs, or done the bulk upload exercise then you can reach out to Vauban team who will activate the communication, and investors will receive just one email (rather than 10 for example if they had invested in 10 of your SPVs) to let them know they need to complete info.

  • They will be able to use this info for future deals.

  • If there was info missing from the bulk upload, they will be asked to complete this.

  • If they were invited via email, they will need to complete a short onboarding form, details of which are below:

Individual (natural person)

  • Legal full name

  • Email

  • Date of birth

  • Mailing Address

  • Tax redisency

  • SSN Number - or passport number if non US investor


  • Name of Legal Entity/Trust

  • Country/State of registration

  • Registration number- EIN or TIN

  • Certificate of incorporation

  • Registered address/correspondence address

  • Controlling person - manager, director, etc person

  • Any UBO above 25%

Add investors’ information by yourself one by one:

  • If you don't want to notify your investors, and want to just add their info one by one, there is a third, slighlty more complex option:

  • You can do so by adding investors in the Investors tab > Add investors > Add new investor.

  • After you have done this, you will see them in the Investors tab. You can navigate to the three dots next to each investor name and select the Edit option.

  • This will show you the relevant investors' profile and you can fill-in all that is needed.

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