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What should I do if my payment is missing? Sharing payment confirmation.
What should I do if my payment is missing? Sharing payment confirmation.

For Non-US investors or US deals investors investing internationally (see sections a-c). For US domestic investors please go to section d.

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a) What is an MT103 Swift Statement
An MT103 is a standardised SWIFT payment message used specifically for cross-border/international wire transfers. MT103s, which include all payment information such as the date, amount, currency, sender, and recipient, are widely recognised as proofs of payment.
MT 103s reveal the path taken by the payment between the banks, accordingly, they are excellent for tracking down lost or delayed payments. Every bank and financial institution that uses SWIFT for payments will have an MT103 for each transaction, but they are unlikely to give these to you.

b) How do I obtain an MT103 Swift statement?
To retrieve your MT103 Swift statement you simply need to ask your banking provider.
Some banks offer you the option to download the statement after you have completed the payment by logging into your internet banking. Please follow up with your own banking provider to find out how to retrieve the statement.

c) How will this help trace a payment?
An MT103 document is used to trace payments as proof of payment — for example, if there’s a dispute about the transfer you’ve sent, or if there are any problems with the transaction.

By sharing the MT103 we will be able to trace your payment and close the deal faster.

d) What if I sent funds from the US?
If you are a US investor investing via Fedwire into a US deal, the MT103 will not apply to you. To track wires sent in the US, find the wire transfer number. Your wire transfer receipt should include this information. After the words "Fed Number" or "Federal Number," look for a 16- to 20-digit number. To access this please contact your bank. Give the federal number to the customer service representative and ask them to trace the wire transfer. Please share the payment confirmation with Vauban if the funds have been sent.

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