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What are Vauban’s UK SPV products?
What are Vauban’s UK SPV products?
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There are several documents that govern our UK SPVs - please find these documents split by SPV Product.


  • LLP Agreement - comprises of all Lead(s) / Deal Partner(s)

  • SPV Services Agreement

Nano Container:

  • Fundraiser Trust Deed - Between the Lead & Vauban

  • SPV Services Agreement

Co-Investment SPV:

  • LP Agreement - Lead(s) / Deal Partner(s) & GP Entity

  • SPV Services Agreement

Single Fund Feeder:

  • Trust deed - signed between lead and the trustee.

  • SPV Services Agreement

Each investor

  • Admission Forms - Each investor will sign and execute their individual Subscription Form which subscribes them to the relevant agreement (LLP Agreement or Fundraiser Trust Deed) as well as states their individual investment amount.

Further information on the structure of these SPVs can be found here

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