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Step-by-step process of migrating SPVs to Vauban from Assure
Step-by-step process of migrating SPVs to Vauban from Assure
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  1. Enquiry Form

  2. Engagement letter

    • Vauban will send you an engagement letter, confirming the pricing and scope of services which you will sign on Vauban.

    • You will insert the precise names of the vehicles that you wish to migrate into this agreement.

  3. Invoice

    • Vauban will send you an invoice related to the engagement letter. Payment is due up front and is split over three years.

  4. Dashboard invitation

    • The Vauban team will set up your environment; your universe' where you will find a 'container' for each one of your SPVs (drawn from your engagement letter).

  5. Data upload

    • You will complete the missing fields and upload the documents, using the information that Assure provided in your Box file.

    • To be able to migrate and administer your vehicle for its lifetime, this information is required to be completed accurately.

    • The list of what is required for Vauban to fulfill its duties is here.

    • This includes the details of your investors; you can either add them yourself or invite them to submit their info.

    • If there is any missing info, Vauban will try to assist you to gather what is needed.

  6. Data review

    • Vauban will perform thorough due diligence on all the information you've provided and ask for remediations where necessary.

  7. Migration

    • Once your SPVs are approved, the migration process will start

    • You will sign the relevant documents

    • Vauban will then file the documents to complete the migrations in two batches:

      • middle of February

      • end of March

    • The legal process is outlined here

  8. Tax filings

    • Vauban will apply for an extension to your tax filing deadline to ensure no penalties are levied on your vehicle or your investors.

    • If your SPV had any income or activity in FY22, a full tax return will be filed with the IRS and K-1s will be provided to your investors, every year until exit.

  9. Exit

    • Vauban will support any distributions or exit events, opening a new bank account for your SPV and calculating your waterfall.

  10. Future deals

    1. Vauban is here to support all your future dealmaking activities, and has a full suite of US and international SPV and fund vehicles at your disposal!

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